Day 23 – Back

Well, I’m back amongst the living.
Today was the best day of the week, and not just because it’s payday and Friday. I was far less tired and pretty much fully functional once again. I’m not sure what happened earlier in the week that caused me all the sleepless nights, but I hope it’s behind me.
My doctor and I talked about my cancer, the surgeon selection process, and the timing of the surgery. She provided some valuable insight in how to think about it all. We also talked at length about my sleeplessness.
We discussed options from pretty much doing nothing to going all the way to putting me on some big-time anti-depressant medication. We agreed to slide into this by trying Benadryl before bed to help me sleep (she didn’t like the idea of Tylenol PM because of the potential impact on the liver if taken for an extended period).
With some rest this weekend, I hope to be back on an even keel for Monday’s big event: The Colonoscopy.

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