Day 22 – Change of Plan

This day did not go as planned. At all.
The plan? To work from home while awaiting a FedEx delivery that required my signature, and then go in to work once it arrived.
The reality? Yet another essentially sleepless night had me at 100% exhaustion when the alarm went off at 6:30 AM. That’s three nights in a row of me not being able to stop the thoughts running through my head for any period of time. My body just said, “Nope. No more. Not gonna do a thing,” and basically shut down.
I stayed in bed into early afternoon and was able to get caught up on some sleep, but not without interruption by more of those random thoughts and a phone call from one of the doctor’s offices. I feel better this afternoon, but still not 100%.
The FedEx package didn’t arrive until nearly 3:00 PM, and at that point, I decided not to go into work. I’ll be marking today as a vacation day on the calendar. Instead, I used the time to take care of a few errands that I otherwise would have had to take time off for.
I ran to the urologist’s office late this afternoon to sign a release form to release my records to the surgeon in Indy, and I stopped by the BMV at 4:00 PM to renew my license plates. Merry Christmas, BMV!!
On the positive side of all this lost sleep, I do have a list of 18 questions (with 17 sub-questions) to ask the surgeons. 🙂 I’m sure they’re going to love me. Inquiring minds do want to know…

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