Day 20 – Forms

Steamrolled. That’s a good word to describe me right now.
Last night was another with me staring at the clock from about 3:15 AM on. Of course, the first thing that pops into my head is questions that I need to be asking the surgeons. Good thing I keep a pen and pad on the nightstand.
The rest of the day went pretty well, but when I got home, I was drained of energy and had a headache the size of Montana. After a quick dinner, I crawled into bed for about 45 minutes, being careful to just relax and not fall completely asleep. If I did, I’d be up at 2 AM tonight.
I did contact the insurance company to make sure that I’m covered to see both surgeons, and I am. That was a good thing to hear.
I also spent half an hour filling out forms for the surgeon’s office in Cincinnati. Interestingly, the papers are identical to the ones that I completed for the biopsy procedure (both doctors operate out of the same office). Hello left hand. Meet right hand. I’m supposed to get another pile of paperwork from the second surgeon in the mail. Yippee.
Last night, I took a serious look at the instructions for the colonoscopy on Monday. There are some serious dietary restraints for the last few days before the procedure, including no solid food for 24 hours before the procedure. Ugh. If you think I’m a grump now…. Steer clear on Sunday!!
So I’m out of energy for tonight.

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