Month 150 – PSA Results

Good news. My PSA is moving in the right direction, with this week’s results at 0.11 ng/mL, down from 0.13 ng/mL in March.

It’s not a significant shift and one data point doesn’t establish a trend, but I’ll take it.

Remember, at the beginning of this, my radiation oncologist said it would be a good twelve to eighteen months at a minimum before we could see the real effects of the radiation on the cancer. The radiation sessions ended eight and a half months ago, so it’s still early.

I’m also guessing that the six-month dose of Eligard has completely worn off by now (or nearly so), as it’s been just over a year since I received it on 3 May 2022.

You can still find my full PSA graph on my home page.

Also on the good news front is that my urinary and bowel functions are pretty much back to where they were pre-radiation. Another win.

I meet with the urologist on 30 May, and I need to get an appointment with the radiation oncologist scheduled to go over the results.

Oh. And on a useless trivia note, this is my 500th post on this blog. (You’ll sleep better tonight knowing that.)

Be well!

Header Image: Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains near Lone Pine, California (You can check out my impromptu trip to Lone Pine last weekend HERE.)

7 thoughts on “Month 150 – PSA Results

  1. Louise and Ron

    Good to hear Dan! Greetings from NY Ron and Louise. Ron’s PSA keeps hovering between .13 and .14. He’s already had prostate removal and radiation. We take these numbers as a win, they are watching the PSA levels every 3 months here at MSK. Sending prayers and positive thoughts.


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