Trip Reports

A friendly nudge from a reader reminded me that I haven’t posted links to my epic road trip a few weeks ago, so here they are.

I chose to break the trip into two posts. The first focuses on sights and experiences on the way there and back, and the second focuses on the time I spent in southwestern Colorado.

So if you have a case of insomnia, you can read the full write-ups, or you can just scroll through and look at the pretty pictures. 😂

Back to my Midwest Roots: San Diego to Illinois

Durango and the San Juan Mountains


2 thoughts on “Trip Reports

  1. Lisa C

    Hi Dan,

    I have been following your blog since my partner was diagnosed with PC. Interestingly we just returned from San Diego as that is where my daughter and her family live. I hope that your continued therapies bring you to a place where you can enjoy life without having to deal with all the aspects of this disease. Love your photographs!


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