Dr. Kwon Video – Final Part

Here’s the third and final part of Dr. Kwon’s talk. As with the others, it’s very educational about advanced disease (at least it was for me).

2 thoughts on “Dr. Kwon Video – Final Part

  1. Charles McGill

    Thanks Dan for sharing. Another really well explained presentation by Dr Kwon where he sets out his thinking and approach to prostate cancer treatments. He encourages prostate cancer patients to do what you have done, learn as much as you can about your disease and try to steer your treatments at key points. I particularly liked the way he checks the results of each treatment sometimes mid treatment and always at the end of each treatment to see if that specific patient has responded. I do feel my own physicians say, “we’ve tried this now lets wait and see and only when it starts breaking through again, let’s try something else.” I like his attitude to try to cure not only postpone and finally his take on the Vision trial was perfect for a layman like me. Like you, I have read a lot around the subject and sometimes I end up a bit overwhelmed with the complexity of it all but having done the reading I then find Dr Kwon’s 3 videos have provided me with a great summary of the current situation.


  2. Max Miles


    I agree with you. I also have read a great deal and have talked with numerous physicians about recurrence after RP and strategies moving forward. These 3 videos from Dr. Kwon provided much further clarity and confirmation of my personal bias…very thought provoking. Having said that…it is extremely stressful to make decisions which are so monumental to ones own health…but at least one can make a decision being as informed as possible (Dr. Kwon has certainly contributed to that effort). Obviously – I sincerely appreciate Dan for posting these videos…



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