Cedar Breaks National Monument

And the final post from my vacation highlighting a side trip to Cedar Breaks National Monument in southwestern Utah.

Travelin' Dan

On the return from my recent trip to the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone National Parks, I stopped by Cedar Breaks National Monument. You can think of it as a smaller scale Bryce Canyon, but with fewer hoodoos and no way (that I could tell) to hike down into the canyon.

One of the amazing things is that all of the observation points are above 10,000 feet / 3.048 meters above sea level. It was windy and cool at that elevation, even when temperatures in nearby Cedar City (where I would spend the night) were bordering on hot.

I drove in from the north on UT 143 and headed to Cedar City to the west on UT 14. Both drives require a bit of attention as you’re going up or down steep grades on twisting, two-lane mountain roads. It’s not really recommended for larger vehicles towing trailers.

It’s a hidden…

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4 thoughts on “Cedar Breaks National Monument

  1. Paul Coore

    Fantastic pics mate. I have Yellowstone on my list to visit for sure. Wishing you all the best for your upcoming appointments. Cheers, Paul


    1. Thanks, Luigi. Trying to as much as I can while I still have relatively decent health. (Although a few 63-year old joints are beginning to show the wear-and-tear from all the miles over the years… Oh well.)


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