Month 125 – Urinary Frequency

The only constant is change, and things have been changing for some inexplicable reason on the urinary frequency front, especially at night.

For years after my surgery, I could make it through most nights without having to get up and use the toilet. If I did, it was only once per night. In the last month or two, I’ve been noticing that I’ve been getting up two, three, and even four times a night to drain my bladder. That certainly impacts quality and quantity of sleep.

I wish I had an explanation for it. I really haven’t changed any drinking habits where I’m drinking lots of liquids all evening long or just before going to bed. It’s just happening.

Perhaps the only plausible explanation is that I have been trying to go to bed about an hour to an hour and a half earlier than I used to (I was a terrible night owl), and that means longer time in bed. I’ll just start a little spreadsheet to track it all to see if I can see a pattern emerging. (Nerd!)

My next PSA test will be near the end of June with the doctor’s appointment on 6 July 2021.

Other than that, things are slowly improving in San Diego. we’ve moved from the Purple Tier to the Red Tier and now to the Orange Tier, meaning that things have become less and less restrictive on the COVID front. Let’s hope that we continue to move in the right direction.

As far as vaccinations are concerned, 25% of all adults in San Diego are fully vaccinated, and 50% have had at least one dose. That’s good.

Stay well!

7 thoughts on “Month 125 – Urinary Frequency

    1. Thanks for sharing, Charles. It’s definitely something to keep in mind and if it persists, I’ll talk to the urologist about it. Last night, I made it from 9 p.m. to 6:30 a.m. without a need to run to the toilet. Go figure.


  1. Steve Loe

    For what it is worth. 3-4 times per night is my experience since about 63-64 years old. you are correct- it really does effect quality of sleep especially if for whatever reason you can’t fall back to sleep. I don’t know how your situation may be different, but my experience and my buddies experience is much as you describe. #thingstheynevertoldus


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  2. Dan, from a 45 year old that has been waking up 3x night for several years even before being diagnosed with late stage prostate cancer – I’m impressed you made it so long! Welcome to the pea-sized bladder club! My theory is that as long as it’s yellow and there’s a lot coming out, it’s just business as usual. I’ve had both surgery and radiation, so Ii imagine the additional scarring has probably made things a little less “elastic”. What helps me is to stop drinking an hour before bedtime and not drinking anything during the night.
    Take care!


    1. Thanks, Scott. It’s not like it’s been an every night thing. In fact, last night I went to bed at 9 p.m. and was able to make it all the way to 6:30 a.m. without incident. Go figure. It just seems like it’s been something that’s happening a little more than it has in the past. Stay well!


  3. Orv

    Your experience pretty much mirrors mine over the past few years. I always get up once, but often twice. It depends mostly on how much fluid I drink (and possibly “eat,” e.g., fruit) during the day. The later on during the day I intake, the more likely I’ll have multiple bathroom trips during sleeping hours. I tried for a while to take my many supplements at lunch time, and that limited just a single sleep time trip (as long as I did not have a cup of tea or something else mid-afternoon), but, I kept forgetting to take them at lunch (hard to break old habits) and so I take them at supper time again; 2+ cups of water, and that’s the end of my fluid intake for the day. So, it’s one or two trips before getting up for the day. I’ve never felt concerned about it; just getting old.


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