A Life Well Lived | Yet Another Prostate Cancer Blog

In nearly nine years of blogging about prostate cancer, I’ve learned that there’s a small but very supportive community of fellow patients fighting this disease.

That community just got a little smaller with the passing of Jim from “Yet Another Prostate Cancer Blog.”

Jim and I never met in person, but he was the person who commented on my posts and emailed me more than any other person. We both shared a passion for photography, and he followed my photography blog, providing his commentary there, too.

I knew this day was coming, but it came upon us sooner than expected.

Jim was an inspiration with his strength and attitude. He’ll be missed by many.


6 thoughts on “A Life Well Lived | Yet Another Prostate Cancer Blog

  1. Dan, I am not sure if this email will go through to you without logging in to WordPress.   I hope it does. I started following your blog – and read them all!  My husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer in Dec 2018.  It was 6 weeks after we married.  I found the blogs and I have read yours and a few others if they commented on your blog.  There were so many that I guess I chose a few to read. Anyway, thank you so much for all your writings.  I have cried to know that some have passed – just like the one below – Jim.   I thought you were in Ohio but the later blogs reference Calif.  I know your sister came to help when you had the surgery.  Reminded me of the year 2018 (before I married) my brother had two separate cancer surgeries and I stayed with him and went to every doctor appt as well.  I told my husband I would not get married until I saw my brother all the way through his illness.  He is fine now but there is worry of cancer cells returning.  His was one kidney and the other was in his colon. My husband and I have seen the doctors and the surgeons.  We chose to go the route of Medical Marijuana.  So far we have had our numbers go from 6.4 down to 3.5 so far.  My prayers are with you!!


    1. Hi PK,

      Thanks for your comment and sharing your own story. Your husband and brother are lucky to have you on their side, ready to step in and provide the care and support they needed. It’s a tough role and I don’t think caregivers receive enough credit for all that they do.

      You’re right in that I was living in southeastern Indiana, not far from Cincinnati, Ohio where I had my surgery. But about 15 months after my surgery, I decided that I didn’t survive cancer not to live out some of my dreams, and one of those dreams was to move to San Diego where I was stationed when I was in the U.S. Navy. I’m coming up on my eighth year here.

      I wish you, your husband, and your brother all the best.



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