Day 3,000!

Wow! Regular readers of this blog know that I’m a numbers guy and like tracking milestones and PSA.

Little did I think when I started this blog over eight years ago that I would still be writing about prostate cancer 3,000 days later. Of course, I was hoping that I’d have been “cured” by now, but that just wasn’t in my cards. Oh well.

So the good news is that, after 3,000 days, I’m still here and still blogging (a reason to celebrate). The less good news is that, after 3,000 days, I’m still here and still blogging, but now about recurrent cancer. #CancerSucks

Thanks to everyone who’s followed along for some or all of this journey, and who have offered insights, resources, and support along the way!  —Dan

11 thoughts on “Day 3,000!

  1. Jim Lawrence

    Hi Dan, Good to see you back. Like you, I am experiencing a chemical recurrence after a radical prostatectomy. My PSA is rising so rapidly that even though I am at .17 I have already been referred to a radiation oncologist. I meet with the radiation oncologist on Tuesday. At that time I will learn how IMRT works, how my 25 to 35 treatments will be scheduled and other radiation details. The side effects will be of tremendous concern. Unfortunately, they have already decided to do androgen deprivation therapy (really chemical castration) for about the same amount of time. I will have to have questions prepared for this as well. Like for radiation, they will focus on side effects. My biggest concern are side effects that have to do with erectile functioning, growth of breasts, loss of libido and so on. I was surprised when you just logged on that you have not yet started down this path. I was hoping to compare notes with you and others in the same situation. You are Gleason 7 I think. I am Gleason 8. That means we have to make decisions about treatments. I hope to hear from you in any form. Good luck. I am thinking of you.


  2. Jim Lawrence

    There must be a lot more of us out there who have had a RP and then a chemical recurrence and are looking at SRT and androgen deprivation therapy. I am about to start on that journey. If there is anyone who would like to share their experiences with me or follow me on my journey, I’m here. I could also go somewhere else on the net, since this is Dan’s blog. The reason I am posting this is because I don’t have the luxury to wait. My PSA is rising so rapidly, I had to beg to get put in the front of the line for radiation therapy. I will be doing it in Oregon at the Oregon Health Sciences University — a pretty cutting edge place. I am certain Dan or somebody will read this and want to discuss. Like Dan, I am single and going through this myself. And I was in pretty bad shape before the cancer came back.


  3. Sean Kilkenny

    Hi Dan,
    That’s some milestone! Thanks for all of your insights along the way. Keep up the good work and fighting the good fight!



    Prayers for you Dan & Jim, hang in there, you are not alone!
    I have heard of some good results with radiation and even hormone therapy–the side effects were over-rated. Our one friend said that the worst part of the hormone therapy was the hot flashes. My hubby is still early in the post surgery area, so we will know more after mid-March when the second PSA is done.
    May God be with all cancer warriors!


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