Day 2,710 – Let’s Talk

If you aren’t pushing your personal boundaries, you aren’t living, right? Well, tonight I tried something that I’ve never done before.

I was the guest speaker at the Riverside (California) Medical Clinic Charitable Foundation’s monthly Prostate Cancer Family Support Group meeting. (Yes, I’ve spoken in front of groups before, but never about prostate cancer.)

I didn’t want to say anything about it in yesterday’s post in case it turned out to be an unmitigated snooze-fest. It didn’t. (Whew!)

A special thank  you to Linda, Megan, and Briana for discovering my blog, extending the invitation, coordinating the visit, and making me feel welcome. An even bigger thank you to the members of the support group for allowing me to share my story and for being engaged in the discussion. I wish you only the best as you travel down your own path.

Oh. I’m sorry to report that only one of the three awesome chocolate chip cookies survived the drive back to San Diego.

Thanks again!


Riverside Medical Clinic

5 thoughts on “Day 2,710 – Let’s Talk

  1. I’ve been sharing my travel as well. I think it’s important because so many men just hate going to the doctor, or think that they can power through whatever ails them, or are gun shy about DREs, or (insert excuse of choice here).

    Too many learn too late that they could have done something a lot sooner and had better or more positive results if they had done so.


    1. Thanks, Mitch. I know that a few family members have acted based on me sharing my story. Fortunately, they have avoided this path.

      Continued good wishes for your recovery…


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  2. David Martinez

    Hi Dan,
    RALP eight years ago at The City of Hope. Radiation 2 years ago due to rising PSA. It rose to point two (.2). PSA test yesterday: from .04 three months ago to .02 yesterday. Nice. Radiation oncologist says:”it’s been ten years since your surgery, 2 years since your radiation. Based upon statistics, I would say if it (PC) would of gotten you, it would have by now.” Hmm. Really? Wow, great news. The best to you Dan.


    1. Thanks for sharing, David. You have to love those results. We’ll see what my doctor says on Thursday (assuming I can shut up long enough to let him talk—a challenge sometimes).

      Just curious if you’ve had any side effects from the radiation impacting your daily quality of life.



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