September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

September is National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, reminding us that one in seven men will be affected by prostate cancer in their lifetimes. It’s also a good reminder to take a few moments to learn more about the disease, the ongoing debate concerning screening for prostate cancer, its symptoms (or lack thereof), and the myriad of treatment options should you happen to be that one in seven.

There are plenty of resources out there from which you can learn. Schedule an appointment with your physician and have an open, honest discussion about your risks and whether or not you should be screened. In the end, it’s important to remember: It’s your body, your choice.

Please share this important reminder with the men in your life.

4 thoughts on “September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

  1. Erics Illusions

    Friday I saw the oncologist. PSA in March was 67. Friday it was 2.02 after 6 months of hormone treatments. You’d think I would be celebrating being down 65 points. Unfortunately or fortunately, I read Patrick Walsh’s book, which tells us that the hormone-insensitive cancer cells are still hard at work. (Why hasn’t my oncologist told me this. Why did I have to research it on my own?) In march the bone scan showed no cancer in the bones, but there was cancer in my lymph nodes, which is curious. According to Dr’s prostate moves to the bone first then lymph nodes. I seem to have skipped the bone. Hmm..?? Curious. What does it mean? How much time is left? Hormone treatment is not for sissy’s. It turns your world upside down and inside out….and for what? Maybe gain another 8 months? Well…what’s a girl to do? It’s a puzzle for sure.


    1. Hi Eric. I wish a lot of things made sense in the world of prostate cancer. It is interesting that they’ve seen the cancer in your lymph nodes because, as you said, everything I’ve seen indicates it goes to the bones first. I guess you’re the exception that makes the rule. Just curious how your doctor responded when you asked about the hormone-insensitive cancer cells?


      1. Erics Illusions

        I didn’t think to ask him. the insensitive-cells came to mind while driving home. We were both pleased as punch the PSA was heading in the right direction, so, smiles and high fives all around. I have to start bringing notes and questions to every meeting because one of the effects of the hormones is foggy-mindedness. I’ve also been searching because I have to get off these hormones soon.


      2. Understand. I scribble notes and questions down before each appointment and make sure I check them off as I go. Sorry the hormones are having such an impact.


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