This isn’t nice … it isn’t “fair” … but it’s true … and it’s important …

I’m not trying to get ahead of myself by posting this, but this article is something everyone should think about.

My mother had a really great outlook on death and dying, and was very open about her feelings (Item #3). I truly believe that her openness did, in fact, make it easier to come to terms with her death. She even created a little to-do list that started, “When I croak…” Seriously.

The hospice team was astonished by the level of openness in our conversations. There was no denial. We talked openly of end-of-life decisions, and my mom even had a hand in writing her own eulogy.

As the author said in Item #1, none of us are getting out of here alive, so planning for the end, especially if you have a disease like cancer, is important and shouldn’t be neglected.


According to an article from Kaiser Health News on the CNN web site today, “People with advanced cancer don’t know enough about their disease to make informed decisions about treatment or how they want to spend their remaining time.” This is notany sort of “new discovery”. However, it is something we commonly choose to avoid thinking about or dealing with.

We aren’t going to repeat all the information in this article. Rather, we encourage our readers to have a close look at this article for themselves. It contains information and facts that we all need to understand and be aware of.

Only a small percentage of all the men who get prostate cancer actually die from this disease, but all men who get diagnosed with prostate cancer live, for at least a short period of time, with the fear that it may kill them, and if they “don’t know…

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