Month 43 – June Prostate Cancer Fundraising Activities

It’s been a pretty normal month since my last update.  That’s good.  That means there is life after a radical prostatectomy.

But as far as this month’s blog update is concerned, I got nuthin’.

There are, however, a couple of major fundraising activities going on in June to support the Prostate Cancer Foundation and its research.  And because those activities are ongoing or are about to happen, I’m going to publish this post a few days earlier than normal.

*    *     *

The first is the PCF Home Run Challenge, where you donate either a lump sum or a specified amount for each home run hit in 98 MLB baseball games between June 9th and June 15th, Father’s Day.

*    *     *

Once again, the Safeway Foundation, part of the Safeway grocery store operation, is supporting prostate cancer awareness during the month of June.  Give what you can if you shop at Safeway or Vons.

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