Month 37 – Value and Future of this Blog

Finally.  November / “Movember” is over!

I’m glad to have supported the cause, but I’m even more glad to be rid of that itchy, two-toned beard and moustache!  (My moustache and the top half of my beard were a reddish-brown, and the rest was snow white.  Ugh.)

*     *     *

I have to admit that I’m struggling over what to write for this month’s update.

When I began this blog three years ago, it was meant to be an easy way for me to keep family and friends informed of what was happening immediately after the diagnosis.  I figured that I would let the decision be up to them to follow along, rather than me fill their email in-boxes with something they may not have felt comfortable reading.

Over time, the mission of this blog was to educate others about prostate cancer from the perspective of just one person who went through the diagnosis and one treatment option.

This blog served both purposes quite well.

But I always wanted the blog updates to bring something of value to its readers, and that’s where I’m beginning to stumble a little.

Is it of value to you to hear month after month that nothing has changed?  If it is, then I have no problem continuing monthly updates.  But if it’s not, then perhaps it’s time to shift to “as needed” updates–update the blog when I hear something in the news about prostate cancer that’s of interest, or if something changes significantly with my own status.

Perhaps I’ll let you, the readers, answer that question by completing the poll at the top right of this post.  Or, if there are specific things you’d like me to address in my monthly updates, leave a comment in the comment section below.

Don’t worry.  I can’t see myself abandoning the blog altogether or taking it down.  I’ve put to much energy and soul into keeping it going, plus I know that it’s been a good resource for some newly diagnosed guys along the way.

I’m open to your constructive comments and feedback.  What do you want to read about in these monthly updates?


2 thoughts on “Month 37 – Value and Future of this Blog

  1. Anonymous

    I, too, am cancer free as of 11-29-13 and my husband is in partial remission. Each of us, like
    you, must check in with our Oncologist routinely. Wishing you the best in 2014


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