Month 20 – Hiccup

So things have been pretty normal for the most part since the last update.  Except for one little hiccup.

About 10 days ago I was washing dishes after dinner and the sound of the running water got the better of me and my bladder.  I had this sudden urge to urinate (I probably hadn’t been to the bathroom in 3+ hours, so I knew that my bladder was getting full.)  I made a mad dash for the bathroom and along the way, enough urine leaked out that I had to change my pants and underwear after emptying my bladder in the bathroom.  Not fun and not expected.  Thankfully, I was at home instead of standing next to some water feature in a crowded mall.

Not sure what was up with that, but it wasn’t something to lose sleep over because 98% of the time, I’m dry–even now when I sneeze or cough.

*     *     *
Next month I have my 18 month follow-up (mid month), so we’ll keep our fingers crossed that the PSA remains undetectable. 
*     *     *
If you’ve been a close follower of this blog, you may have noticed that I put a new page out there called “Life After Radical Prostatectomy – 18 Months Later.”  I just thought it was appropriate to share where I’m at in the whole recovery process.

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