Month 18 – Pleasant Surprise

In last month’s posting, I talked about the new normal for me as it related to my stress incontinence. Not long after posting that, there was a noticeable improvement that seemed to happen almost overnight.

Last month, if I sneezed or coughed, there was almost certainly going to be a leak after either. But about 2 weeks ago, if I sneezed or coughed there was very little leaking, if anything. That’s been a pleasant surprise.

If I sense a sneeze or cough coming on, I will try to tighten my pelvic floor muscles in advance, and that helps, I’m sure. But there are still times where I’ll spring a leak, but when I do, the volume seems to be smaller now. So I consider this to be progress (I always was a late bloomer!).

Sexual function is still an issue, although it, too, is slowly improving without the aid of Cialis. Considering that I have only one nerve bundle remaining, that’s a very positive sign. I’ll continue to be patient and at some point may try the Cialis again.

Finally, best wishes to a reader of this blog as he undergoes his radical prostatectomy today.

One thought on “Month 18 – Pleasant Surprise

  1. Anonymous

    Thanks for the wishes, Dan. The operation went well and I'm recovering quickly. Your support is very much appreciated.
    I wish you well too!


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