Week 33 – Regression

So it’s been a quiet week again… Same routine at work with not much new to report.


A few weeks ago, I reported that the itchy feeling in my urethra–that gave me the near constant urge to urinate–had finally gone away.  It’s been back again for the last few days.  I’m not sure what that means other than it may be a dip in the roller coaster ride that the surgeon forewarned me about months ago.

I’m not overly concerned about it for now.  It’s still just a nuisance.  No pads are needed–I just run to the bathroom more than I really need to just to be safe.

Just before my surgery, my family physician scheduled a 6-month follow-up visit with her, and that appointment is tomorrow morning.  I’ll mention it to her, but I really don’t expect that she’ll say much other than “talk to the surgeon.”

In some ways, I’d like her to take the blood sample for the PSA test tomorrow, but the surgeon was pretty adamant about his office / lab doing the testing.  He wanted to make sure that the same lab did all the tests to eliminate possible inconsistencies between lab procedures that could alter the results.  That, or he’s looking for a couple of hundred bucks for the test and consultation.  🙂

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