Week 22 – Sneezy

Funny.  I’m struggling to come up with anything of real interest that happened in the last week.

Friday my head got all stopped up again, but I think it was from the explosion of pollen in the area.  Nearly every fruit-bearing tree is in full bloom, lawns are being mowed, and trees are popping leaves.  My allergies just didn’t like it at all, I’m guessing.

Saturday rained a good chunk of the day so I spent the day indoors working on my spreadsheet for work.  Yes, I’m not keen on working at home on the weekend, but sometimes I can get more done in four hours at home with no interruptions than I can in eight hours at work with all the distractions.

Sunday broke temperature records here–we hit 85 degrees.  I had opened the windows and I think Saturday’s rain knocked down some of the pollen. 

I tossed and turned Sunday night because it was a balmy 74 degrees when I went to bed.  The comforter was peeled off and I seriously debated turning on the air conditioning.  I left my window wide open and brought in a fan instead.  That helped cool things down a little.

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday–all pretty routine days at work.


I did see the optometrist on Friday and he gave my eyes a clean bill of health.  No signs of glaucoma, cataracts, or optic nerve damage.  It was the last that I was worried about from taking the Cialis.  He was okay with me resuming it, but after his comments about “catastrophic vision loss,” should something happen, I’m not so sure I want to take the risk.  He had never seen or heard of someone who went through that, so the likelihood is “infinitessimally small.”  But when you only have one set of eyes and the damage is irreversible…  Gives one something to think about.

The incontinence over the weekend and early this week was minimal.  In fact, I went the whole weekend without guards except for about 6 hours Saturday evening.  I had a giant pollen-induced sneeze that caused me to leak enough to warrant changing clothes and put a guard in place. 

But Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday were all decent days.  Let’s hope the trend continues.

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