Week 16 – Making Progress

Last week when I wrote my first weekly posting, I actually came home each night and jotted down the notes from the day. In essence, I was keeping my blog going each night without publishing it. That kind of defeated the purpose of going to a weekly update so I could have more time to play.

This week is different–it’s all from memory. Of course, I can’t remember what I had for lunch, so this will be a short blog.

I’ll begin with general stuff, and then get into some detailed biology (a word of warning to those whose minds aren’t so inquiring).

It’s good to be able to get around more. On the weekends, I’ve been able to get out and do things that I haven’t done in a long time. I ran to Jungle Jim’s International Market in Cincinnati and one of the salesmen there convinced me to try Grimbergen Double Ale–a Belgian beer. Very nice. (He had to twist my arm–hard!)

I also managed to test drive a couple of cars on Saturday, thinking that I may deserve a “Life-is-too-short-and-I-kicked-cancer’s-ass” present for myself. Of course, a week earlier, my sister reminded me that people who go through major life events–like cancer–shouldn’t make any major decisions for at least a year. I’ll give her advice due consideration. Alpine White or Black Saphire Metallic? J

I enjoy seeing the people at work again, but I think I returned at a crazy time. There’s a lot of new activity happening since I was out, and that makes getting caught up and refocused a bit more challenging.

I’ve been able to reconnect with folks over lunch or dinner, and that’s been good (although it takes me off my post-cancer diet sometimes–I really am trying to eat more healthful foods!).

My boss was a bit surprised when I reminded him last Friday that I have 10 vacation days remaining that I have to use before 31 May. I’m working on plans on how to use them. I don’t see a European adventure in my immediate future. I’m not quite up to that physically right now.


On the recovery front, things are progressing steadily. With the incontinence, each day seems to be a little better than the one before, and as long as I continue to see progress, I’m happy. Of course, there are moments of regression that temporarily annoy me.

I feel as though I’m getting closer to the day where I may be able to abandon the absorbent guards that I use. In fact, since the weekend, I’ve stopped using them at night without incident and, on Sunday, I went without during the day as I did things around the house. I had only one minor incident. It’s still premature for me to go without at work–I’m more active there than here at home.

I do notice that later in the day the number of incidents seems to increase. Perhaps it’s just that my body is tired after the long day, or perhaps it’s because I’ve been drinking water all day long, or perhaps a combination of both.

I still have nights (like last night) where I’m running to the bathroom 3-4 times through the night. And then I’ll have a night where I can go 6 or 7 hours without having to make a run. Those multiple run nights make for a fun and grumpy next day.

For several months now, I’ve been noticing that my eye glasses don’t seem to be effective as they used to be, meaning that it’s time for an exam and an updated prescription. However, in the last few weeks, the problem seems to be gradually increasing, especially in my right eye.

Under normal circumstances, I’d say that it’s merely me getting older, or the additional eye strain of sitting in front of a computer all day long again after being off work for 8 weeks. I’d go for my checkup and get an updated set of glasses.

But one of the known side effects of taking Cialis is blurred vision and–in rare cases–complete and permanent vision loss.

So, being perhaps a bit overly cautious, I stopped taking the Cialis early this week and set up an appointment with my optometrist (unfortunately, the first opening was 7 April). I also called my ophthalmologist this morning to get their take on the situation. They wanted me to call my surgeon to get his advice, so I did.

My surgeon agreed with stopping the Cialis for now, waiting a couple of days to see if things get better, worse, or stay the same, and if they get worse, to get to the ophthalmologist.

Again, I think I may be overreacting and it’s as simple as me needing an updated prescription. Still, why risk permanent vision impairment for the sake of a boner? Right?

I’ve had a routine surgery follow-up appointment scheduled for some time now (next Thursday). I’m sure we’ll talk about all this then.

Otherwise all the drain holes and incision points have healed nicely and there’s no pain or sign of lymph fluid accumulating again. Things keep progressing…

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