Day 93 – Real Clothes

It’s funny.  After six weeks of wandering around in a bathrobe or sweats and t-shirts, putting on jeans and a regular shirt for the first time is odd.  And constrictive.  I wonder if I can modify the dress code at work for my return…  Hmmm…..

*     *     *

This morning I went to work to drop off my return to work form with my boss and I spent just over an hour wandering around saying hi to people.  It was good to see them all again.  I’m ready for the interaction with real people on a regular basis once again.  Sitting in the house alone for this long does get on one’s nerves just a bit.

After wandering through the offices, I went to lunch with a friend to get caught up with her.

*     *     *

Last night was another sleepless night.  I think I was so excited about the freedom from tubes that I just couldn’t shut off my brain.  I started to think about all the things that I can do again, both outside of work and at work, and that just kept me going until about 3 AM.  Ugh.  I hope that excitement is behind me and I can get into a regular sleep pattern once again.

*    *     *

As far as the drainage tube site is concerned, it’s closing up and beginning to heal.  I’ll have to admit that this one seems to be a bit more tender than the first one that was removed for some reason.  I’ll keep an eye on it. 

I’ve also been keeping an eye on my temperature: 98.6.  Let’s hope it stays that way through the weekend and beyond.

*     *     *

I’ll wrap up the day with dinner at the local Mexican restaurant with friends in a short while.

Happy Weekend!

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