Day 90 – Sleepless

At the beginning of this journey, I spent many nights tossing, turning, and getting very little sleep.  Once I made the decision on the surgeon, the insomnia pretty much went away.  Until last night.

I’m really not sure what happened yesterday.  Perhaps the good news of an undetectable PSA got me fired up and looking forward.  When I went to bed at the usual time, I just couldn’t fall asleep.  I tossed, turned, and finally gave up around 2:00 AM, turning on the TV to distract me for a while.  By 3:30 AM, the lights and I were both out.

*     *     *

I posted yesterday’s post a little earlier than usual just to share the good news as soon as I got it.  I didn’t mention that I ventured out for a short while yesterday afternoon to run to the bank, drop some bills off at the post office, and get a haircut. 

Boy, did I need a haircut.  (Yes, even with as little hair as I have, I still needed one desperately.)

That was the one thing on my pre-surgery checklist that I didn’t get to.  The last time my hair was cut was mid-December.  After nearly two months, it was over my ears and very scruffy on the back of my neck.  I couldn’t stand it any longer.

I feel so much better today because of it.

*     *     *

I had a couple of coworkers stop by for a visit at lunch today.  It was good to see them again and get caught up on some of the happenings in my absence. 


One thought on “Day 90 – Sleepless

  1. Anonymous

    Hey….. bet you look “neat” after all that hair was cut off. So glad your
    news was the best when you heard from your surgeon yesterday. Now
    it is just the same old same old…… be patient as you heal. Tonight, I had
    to get a 2 inch notebook to “house” your blogs. Nick finds it easier to read
    off line and I have referred back to several while watching some of sports each week. So…. hang on for the final days as you gear up to go back to
    work (you know, that 4 letter word called w o r k). From Arizona…. NGH


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