Day 88 – Overslept

For one of the first times in a long time, I found myself sleeping in way longer than I wanted or expected.

I woke up for my 8:00 AM dose of antibiotics and crawled back into bed after taking them.  Then next thing I know, the clock read 11:10 AM.  Yikes!  I certainly didn’t intend for that to happen, but I guess I needed some extra sleep.  I certainly don’t want to get on THAT schedule the closer I get to returning to work.  (Keeping an optimistic attitude about the drain output volume!)

Speaking of output volume, it’s remained at 30 ml every 12 hours for the last three cycles.  That’s good.  For a while before that, it was creeping back up to 40 ml.  Looking at the bag right now (5:30 PM), I’d guess that the 10:00 PM (or end of Super Bowl) reading will come in at or below 30 ml. 

I’ll hold off sending my readings to the surgeon until after the 10 AM reading tomorrow morning.  That way, he can call me back later in the afternoon and perhaps he’ll have the PSA test results by then.  We’ll see.

*     *     *

I’ll have to admit that it’s much better to have just one drain instead of the two.  It’s a lot easier to sleep and get around the house.  The other thing that really helps is that he removed the original dressing that was over both of the drains.  Not having that any longer feels a lot better, too.  Plus, I don’t have to tape a Ziploc bag over my belly in order to take a shower now.

*    *     *

Well, time to clean up the kitchen after an early dinner in advance of tonight’s Big Game.  I can’t say that I’m rooting for one team over the other, but my Midwestern roots will probably have me pulling more for the Packers than the Steelers.  (Sorry, CX readers!)

One thought on “Day 88 – Overslept

  1. Anonymous

    Our team won the Super Bowl……. so much for our togetherness today… we gave up going to the National Hoop Dancing Contest at the Heard Museum in Phoenix.
    Just trying to finish up this dumb sinus cold so I can return to Fitness Center tomorrow. Here's hoping you get the best news tomorrow and can get back to the time you are in top shape
    Our high here in Surprise was 71 degrees and this week in the Arizona desert returns to whatever we have as normal for February. I forgot to
    send Valentines to Okinawa, so it is off to card shop & PO tomorrow.
    Take care and keep smiling….


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