Day 85 – Yawn

The day started with a call from the surgeon checking on the drainage output.  He was satisfied enough to tell me to come in tomorrow, Friday, to have the drains removed.  Needless to say, I’m pretty excited about that.  I just hope that nothing happens after they’re out that causes any problems.

*     *     *

It was a pretty quiet day around the house.  I was able to throw another load of laundry in the wash, clean up the kitchen and bathrooms a little, and repeat my lazy cat impersonation, sitting in the sunny window watching the snow on my driveway melt for about an hour.  Exciting, eh?

You would think that with all this time on my hands, I’d be coming up with some profound, philosophical thoughts about this whole experience, but I got nothing.  Maybe when we get the first PSA results next week.

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