Day 83 – Icy

It’s been a quiet day of just watching the weather and waiting for the main event to arrive.

Last night gave us a nice coating of ice here; the street in front of my house glistens with its coating of ice that hasn’t been touched by the city yet.  We’re on the borderline for a major ice event this evening, too.  Those to the north and west could wind up with nearly an inch of ice; those to the south and east will likely just get rain.  Who knows what we’ll get.

*    *     *

I sent my latest drainage readings to the surgeon this morning about 10:30, but haven’t heard from him yet.  We’ll see what he wants to do. 

I’ll have to remember to talk with him about extending my medical leave/short term disability.  It’s set to expire on Monday, and I’m not sure that I’ll be ready to return to work then.

So that’s it.  Keep the ice away and the lights on, please!

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