Day 76 – Home Sweet Home

Yes, I’m home.

I was discharged late this afternoon and arrived home about an hour ago, thanks to the chauffeur services of a friend.

I spent a little bit of time getting the stinking black bananas out of the kitchen and organizing after my five day absence. 

The drainage bags that I was given are the same kind that I had for the surgery itself–a small, football-shaped plastic container that’s slightly larger in size that a large lemon.  They fit nicely into the pockets of my sweat pants, so getting around the house will be much easier than I expected.  Sleeping, however, might be another story.

The large bags clipped to the bed linen away from my body.  I’ll have to figure out a way to keep these smaller contained away from me so I don’t roll onto them during my sleep.

One thing that I need to do before going to bed is create my fluid output rate spreadsheet.  Those numbers will determine when the drainage bags come out.

Hopefully I’ll be up for a more detailed update tomorrow.  G’night! 🙂

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