Day 74 – Better

today was a much better day.

it started with not having a fever and got better when i got out of bed.  up until today, every time i stood up, i would instantly void my bladder into my diaper.  today, that did not happen.

the fluid that was drained was putting so much pressure on my bladder that there was no way i could control it.  now with the fluid gone, i can.  and that made my day.

i still have the occasional stress squirt, and that is okay for now.

my temperature has been at or below normal all day long.

my surgeon wants to wait for the culture results before making any decision about discharging me.  i may have to have another ct scan to confirm that the fluid is gone.

mybest guess is that i will spend monday night here.  things are looking up.

One thought on “Day 74 – Better

  1. Anonymous

    That's great Dan! Glad to hear things are looking up for you. You have been in my thoughts everyday and every evening I check out your blog to see how your recovery is progressing. I was sorry to hear of your recent setback. I'm so glad that the doctors diagnosed your problem and that you're now back on the road to recovery. I hope there will be no more setbacks! You've been through enough already! Love, Wanda


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