Day 69 – Tired

I’m tired.  That’s the best way to describe today.

I’m physically tired from not sleeping well last night, and I’m emotionally tired from this whole experience.

I did manage to throw a couple of loads into the laundry this afternoon and also pulled my truck into the garage after last night’s warmer temperatures and rain got rid of 95% of the snow left in the bed.  I wanted it back in the garage before the next snowfall–a trace forecasted for tonight and 3+ inches for Thursday.

Based on just moving the truck 30 feet, I can tell that I’m not quite ready to go on one of my infamous road trips–or even a trip to Kroger yet.  Of course, with all the food that friends and neighbors have brought over in the last few days, I don’t think I’ll need to go to Kroger until March.  Seriously.  If I do, it will be to buy more freezer containers to store all of this good stuff.  Thanks everyone! 

*     *     *

Just for grins and giggles, I hopped onto my health insurance company’s website to see all the claims processed for this little journey through cancer.  So far, the total is right around $70,000, and I didn’t see a claim from the surgeon yet.  (The hospital bill alone was at $53K.)

Speaking of the surgeon, I return on Thursday, 10 February to have my first post-surgery PSA blood test.  Those results can be turned around pretty quickly, so I expect that I might have them as early as the next day (Friday) or the following Monday.

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