Day 67 – Strange

What a strange day.

It started with several runs to the bathroom (let’s just say that the Percocet that I stopped taking isn’t constipating me any longer and leave it at that), and then a feeling of being chilled.  No fever to cause the chills.  In fact, my temperature was my typical below normal–97.1° F.

By midday, I was up and about around the house feeling better sitting up for a while, and then laying down for a while.  The pain from the incision points is truly minimal at this point.  Again, if I sit funny or twist in a funny direction, they’ll remind me that they’re there, but on the whole, it’s pretty much behind me.

As far as the incontinence goes, it seems to be getting better.  When I stand (which is when I had experienced the majority of my problems yesterday), things were better today.  Not perfect, but better.  Fewer and smaller squirts.  I really try to control my bladder sphincter through my Kegel exercises when standing.

I probably look funny, because I’ll stand in a somewhat bent position, tightening my pelvic floor muscles, and most likely have a goofy look on my face as I stand there, waiting to be sure that nothing will happen.  The first three or four steps are also taken quite gingerly.

I really had planned on getting outside and taking a walk down to the end of the cul-de-sac today, but that wasn’t in the cards.  Maybe tomorrow, weather permitting.

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