Day 56 – Dan Update—Wednesday, January 5

This is Lori again…..

Some things don’t always go as planned. They said Dan should be able to come home today around 2PM. Well, that isn’t going to happen. Apparently his urine output is not as good as it should be considering all the IV drips. Also, they asked him if he takes oxygen at home. They said your “oxygen” level is low, we have to put you on oxygen. So, he will not be coming home tonight. I ran back to his home to pick up his cell phone and run it back up to him. I thought I would blog an update before I leave to go back.

I don’t know how to read or post any of your comments out there, so that will have to wait for Dan’s return.

A last comment before I run out the door. Dan looks and feels good (a 1000 times better than last night), so hopefully, this is just a hiccup!

We both appreciate all the support and prayers being sent our way!


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