Day 43 – Tests

Today began with a drive to the hospital where I’m having surgery for some pre-surgery tests: EKG, blood work, and urine screening. Of course there was one more round of medical history questions. “When was the last time you stubbed your little toe? When was the last time you had a hangnail?” Okay, maybe not quite that bad. But it seemed like it.
When I was done, I was completely registered for the surgery and the nurse even gave me the little plastic ID bracelet that I’ll have to wear once I’m admitted to the hospital. “Make sure you bring this back on the day of the surgery,” she instructed me. Wow. I guess I just show up, put the bracelet on, get undressed, and lay on the stretcher. I guess that’s efficient.
The rest of the day was spent making sure everything was in place at work for my extended absence.
In the evening, I went to the local watering hole here in town to meet up with an old boss of mine and a few others for a holiday beverage or three. My former boss left the company seven years ago and took a job in North Carolina. It was good to get caught up and hear some of his funny memories of working here.
Well, it’s almost 9:00 p.m. and I should get things organized for tomorrow, Christmas Eve. I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!

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