Day 13 – Reflection

Today was a good day at work, but having to call the surgeon’s office at lunch put me in a reflective mood.
First, I called the surgeon in Cincinnati that I have the appointment with on December 9th. They sent me some paperwork to fill out in advance of the office visit, and they also asked me to call to go through my medical history.
For nearly 15 minutes, I’m answering questions about my background and that of my family. I guess they need to be thorough in advance of a major surgery, but some of the questions seemed completely unrelated to my cancer.
I tried calling the surgeon in Indy again, this time using the correct phone number. When I got through the endless automated menu, I got a voicemail message telling me that she was out of the office for the rest of the afternoon and to call back tomorrow. Frustrating.
I’m beginning to doubt the need to speak to two surgeons and to do my “comparison shopping.” Will it really make a difference? I don’t know. It’s a leap of faith no matter which one I select. Is it really worth the hassle and additional waiting to try to get in to see another surgeon?
Ultimately, the prudent side of me will probably go through with talking to both. It’s just something that I wish was done and the surgery was scheduled.
So those thoughts had a little cloud hovering over me on what otherwise was a great day.

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