Day 8 – Oh Happy Day!

The bone scan was clean—no spreading of cancer! Woo-hoo!
The day started at 3:00 AM with a trip to the bathroom (TMI, I know…) and me being unable to fall back asleep from there. Random thoughts about anything and everything just bounced around inside my head.
I made it to work and by 10:00 AM, began to get uptight about the 11:15 AM appointment. Luckily, the doctor was running almost on schedule. I was in the exam room by 11:20, he arrived by 11:30, and I was on the phone to my sister at noon with the good news.
I had two meetings scheduled after lunch, and by the end of the second one, I was out of gas. Between the 3 AM wake-up and being a bit more uptight about the results that I expected, I’m toast. This cancer crap is exhausting!
So that’s two days in a row that have been pretty positive. Let me chart that in a spreadsheet with a linear regression trend line!
Next step: A nap.

5 thoughts on “Day 8 – Oh Happy Day!

  1. Lori

    Thanksgiving with have a new meaning this year! We are ALL so relieved with the results of the bone scan! Hope you sleep well tonight Dan. You never did like roller coaster rides….neither do I! This one was a doozy! I still feel a little woozy myself. HUGS!!!


  2. Anonymous

    Happy to hear this good news!!I know your journey isn't over dealing with this, but now you can move forward knowing it hasn't spread. Your blog is such a good idea. You should write a book you have a knack for writing.
    Hugs and continued prayers.


  3. Anonymous

    Lori Thanks for the call. I was about 30 minutes from calling you but I didn't want to crowd the landscape. What a relief!! Dan- sounds like you have a plan and are in the process of working it.
    I know that sometimes too much info can be counter productive but don't forget my offer to hook you up with my friend, Doug, who has gone through this experience.


  4. Anonymous

    Awesome Awesome!!! Great stuff! The hotel we stayed over the weekend had some internet problem so couldnt get to see your blog. I got to it as soon as the internet connection was restored!!

    This is great news!! Hope you enjoyed your wine!



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