Life After Prostatectomy – 54 Months Later

So it’s been four and a half years since my radical prostatectomy.  How am I doing?  (Remember, what follows is a graphic description, so proceed only if you want to read…)


PSA remained undetectable in my last screening in January, and I’m now on a 9 month screening schedule, so my next screening isn’t until September.  That screening will be four months shy of the five year mark.


With my weight loss of 47 lbs. / 21 kg, I have noticed an improvement in my stress incontinence.  There are fewer episodes and those that do happen are less significant (not that they were hugely significant to begin with).  That’s a good sign.  Still, as you saw from my last regular post, getting sick and doing some heavy coughing was an issue for me.

On a related note, I can sleep through most nights without having to make a run to the bathroom.

Sexual Function

With only one nerve bundle and no chemical assistance, I’m doing okay. I can’t just will myself to have an erection like I did when I was 18, which means that external stimulation is needed to make things happen.  Most of the time, my erections are in the 80% – 90% range which is good enough to achieve orgasm.  On occasion, I can achieve an erection that matches those from pre-surgery days; and a few days, it just doesn’t happen at all.

Sometimes, orgasms can be quite intense; other times, they’re not much more than a whimper.  Usually, they’re somewhere in between.  Psychologically, I still am not keen with the concept of dry orgasms.  It’s like, “What’s the point?” in my mind.


Overall, I’m pleased with where I’m at–cancer-free and living life.