Life After Prostatectomy – 24 Months Later

So it’s been two years since my radical prostatectomy, and I think that things have plateaued for me.

There really hasn’t been any significant change in my status since writing my 18-month update.


PSA remains undetectable.


Pretty much dry, but still occasional minor (couple of drops) leaks with stress–hard cough or sneeze; bending or lifting (not all the time); and, on rare occasion if my bladder is nearly full, simply standing. 

I’m able to travel long distances without a problem (10 hour flight from Europe), although I have to admit that I am a bit more tactical in locating bathrooms.  That’s because there are times where I will get an urge to empty my bladder. So even though I may not really “have” to go and can probably wait, I may just stop and empty my bladder for convenience purposes.

I’ll have to admit that I could be more diligent about performing three sets of Kegel exercises per day, and that may help with those issues.

Sexual Function

With only one nerve bundle spared, I’m able to achieve a 50% to 75% erection without Cialis, enough to achieve an orgasm.  Orgasms are different than pre-prostatectomy in that in some ways, they’re less intense, yet I find that post-orgasm, I’m much more sensitive to touch.


All in all, I’m leading pretty much the same life today as I did before the surgery, with only minor and occasional inconveniences in my daily life.  If I was in a relationship, the sexual function issue would be more of a concern, but, for now, I’m okay with where I’m at.

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