On November 11, 2010, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer, and this blog is my creative and sometimes irreverent means of venting and sharing my thoughts, feelings, and latest status. If I don’t do this, my head will explode. Really. But, with luck, positive thoughts, humor, and some divine intervention, this will be a tale of living with and defeating cancer (emphasis on living). Time and fate will tell.

When I wrote that introduction, I was just days into this adventure. I’m a pretty analytical guy, and the simple act of writing every day helped me wrap my head around the fact that I had just introduced the word “cancer” into my vocabulary.  Writing also helped me rationalize my treatment options. The vehicle that I chose for my writing was this blog, and blogging had the added benefit of allowing family and friends to follow my thoughts and progress through daily updates in my pre-Facebook days.

Those daily updates tapered off to weekly updates and eventually to monthly updates (which I continue to do on the 11th of every month, the anniversary date of being told I have cancer).

Now, more than ten years after my surgery, I’ve been writing random updates as I come to terms with the notion that the cancer is returning.

I’ve kept this blog going over the years because I remember how helpful it was for me to hear first-hand experiences of other prostate cancer patients. I wanted to return the favor by sharing my own journey in order to educate others and increase prostate cancer awareness.

But I wanted it to be a truthful sharing of details, so you will quickly see that I didn’t sugar-coat much of anything. That means that you’ll find some pretty graphic descriptions of the male anatomy and biological functions in this blog.

Finally, if you’re reading this as a fellow prostate cancer patient, please understand that I am not a medical professional, and you should not construe any of the content of this blog as medical advice. Each case is unique, so please solicit the advice of your own medical team.

You can read about my journey on my Blog Posts page and you can contact me here.

I wish you all the best as you go through your own journey.

— Dan

11 July 2021

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