Day 2,457 – PSA Test Time

Yet another four months have elapsed, and Count Dracula just sucked another vial of blood out of my arm for my latest PSA test. (I shouldn’t disparage the good Count. He’s drawn my blood a couple of times now, and he’s truly the best phlebotomist who’s had the pleasure of poking holes in me.)

Now we let the waiting begin.

Historically, I can get my results online three days after the sample was taken, so we’ll see if that trend continues. (Interestingly, the VA appears to do one data upload a day around midnight Eastern time, so I may know something by late Saturday evening Pacific time.)

Speaking of trends, the nerd in me slapped a trend line onto my PSA tracker chart to see if it can be predictive of where my PSA will land this time around. Of course, in the world of prostate cancer, a Ouija board or a Magic 8-ball can be just as predictive—or more predictive—as my silly trend line.

The trend line prediction: Just slightly above the 0.09 ng/ml mark, indicating a continued increase. If I extrapolate from the last two data points alone, that predicts a PSA of 0.10 ng/ml. Of course, given the yo-yo trend of previous tests, I’m past due for another downward turn. Wagers, anyone???

One final footnote to all of this (biology ahead): To make sure that we have as accurate a reading as possible, I refrained from having an orgasm for a week in advance of the test.

Stay tuned.

PSA with Trend 20170802

9 thoughts on “Day 2,457 – PSA Test Time

  1. Erics Illusions

    First of all, you’re lucky if you’re capable of an orgasm. Count you blessings.
    6 years and you’re at .10? Again, the blessings chart might be handy instead of the PSA chart. In my six years I went from negligible after the radical prostectomy 2011 to 67 last March with cancer into the lymph nodes. This past May with hormones (Lupron and Bicaludimide) PSA dropped to 7. Appointment at the end of this month. Sounds like you’re doing good, but I’m not a doctor. I just play one in my mind.


    1. Hi Eric. I hear you. I know that I’m quite lucky and that my numbers are small compared to many. It’s the fact that we’re now dealing with real and increasing numbers where there were none before is what’s gnawing away at me.


  2. Oh Dan, how I long to have an orgasm!! I am so envious of your psa numbers and now you taunt me with your ability to have orgasms. Not only that, you are wasting them!! If you don’t want them, send them to me and I will trade you some of my psa numbers!


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